The Parkland #NeverAgain Episode w/ #MSDStrong Teacher On First Day Back To School

Felony Miami Season 1: The After Show

Marijuana and The Law w/ Nikki Fried, Dr. Safiya Lyn-Lassiter, Prof. Jamila Lyn, and Joe Stone

Investigating Criminals w/ Ramesh Nyberg, Stephan Lopez, Roger F. Martinez, and Joe Stone

There’s blood in the mud, cocaine in the evidence room, and millions of pages of arrest reports. To say that there’s been a lot of crime committed in Miami is the understatement of the century.

When it comes to solving crimes, and closing cases out, our three guests today are experts in the field. Real life Miami vice investigators

Felon Voting Rights w/ Joe Klock, Grant Stern, AJ Hill, and Joe Stone

Inside The Drug War w/ David Bolton, Jim Shedd, Tom Raffanello, and Joe Stone

From Medellín to Mexico; Panama to Bogotá; and Sinaloa to South Miami, in the 1980’s, the South American drug trade began its assault on the shores of the USA bringing with it money, violence and really bad bad guys.

Coerced Confessions w/ Matt Ladd, Maggie Arias, Jeff Weiner, and Joe Stone

Truth and lies. Some people live them, some people tell them, and some people mix both into one and don’t do either very well.

When it comes to the criminal justice system, it’s been said that there are three sides to every story: His, hers, and the truth.

The Bail Bond System w/ Faroy Bail Bonds, Aly’s Bail Bonds, and Black Rabbit Bail Bonds

Diversity Controversy w/ Renee Gordon, Loreal Arscott, Kadisha Phelps, and Joe Stone

Productivity is usually a good thing. But not when it comes to mass incarceration. In fact, the harassing, and stalking, and arresting, and incarcerating, and ruining the records of those who are guilty of victimless so-called crimes, is one of the greatest problems in America today.