Pushing Justice w/ Carlos J. Martinez, Alex Vahan, and Joe Stone

Photo by Jacob Katel

Anarchy, calamity, destruction, disorder, the annihilation of civility, the total breakdown of society, the end of all that is good, and a complete descent into chaos.

These are the results that those in power fear, and their pretext for crushing the souls of millions under the steel toed boot of the criminal justice system.

Just because it’s a man-made law, doesn’t make it righteous.

Miami’s Chief Pubic Defender Carlos J. Martinez – Photo by Aaron Fishbein

The Miami-Dade public defender’s office takes on 75,000 cases a year, and although that number is down by almost half in the past 10 years it is still an outrageous figure.

Whether you’re painting graffiti, carrying less then an ounce of marijuana , or getting behind the wheel of a car without a license, you may end up arrested. If you can’t afford a private lawyer navigating the halls of injustice can be tricky and confusing and if the charge against you is a misdemeanor you won’t even be offered a public defender that’s its not an option unless you are facing jail time.

It is in this system that we seek justice, for where there is injustice for one, there is injustice for all.

Welcome to Felony Miami. Let’s air it out.

fm ep 10 group photo
Alex V., Joe Stone, and Carlos J. Martinez – Photo by Aaron Fishbein

Felony Miami Episode 10 w/ Host Joe Stone and:

Carlos J. Martinez – Chief of Miami Public Defenders

Alex Vahan – Owner of Cushy Gigs

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