The Bail Bond System w/ Faroy Bail Bonds, Aly’s Bail Bonds, and Black Rabbit Bail Bonds

fm 006 bail bonds group shot
Jon Bap from Black Rabbit Bail Bonds, Aly Fernandez from Aly’s Bail Bonds, host Joe Stone, and Emilio Faroy from Faroy’s Bail Bonds (clockwise from left) – Photo by Aaron Fishbein

The slammer, the joint, the clink, the hoosgow, gray bar hotel, the pen, the pokey, the brig, the big house, club fed, up the river, statesville, the can, incarceritis, gangster college, locked up.

Whatever you call it, if you’re arrested in Miami, you might need one of these folks: Surety agents, bounty hunters, bail bondsmen. These are the people you’ll need in order to get out of jail. And it’s not free.

aly fernandez
Aly Fernandez, founder and owner of Aly’s Bail Bonds – Photo by Aaron Fishbein

Bail bonds are a uniquely American system that let’s you pay your way out of jail while awaiting your trial at a cost of 10-15% of the total amount set by the judge. On today’s episode we have three bail bond agents that are based in Miami who will show us the inner workings of this complex, risky, and sometimes dangerous profession.

Black Rabbit
John Hitchman, founder and owner of Black Rabbit Bail Bonds – Photo by Aaron Fishbein

So, is money-bail the right answer for all arrests? Are we innocent until proven guilty, or is it just those with money, credit, and collateral who get the benefits of awaiting their day in court from the comfort of their own homes while others with less means can sit in a cell for weeks or possibly months being put under pressure to plead out.

faroy bail bonds
Emilio Faroy, founder and owner of Faroy Bail Bonds – Photo by Aaron Fishbein

Should we release all people accused of non violent crimes with no bail? Should we release everyone with no bail. Who would show up for their day in court?

Where there’s injustice for one, there’s injustice for all. Welcome to Felony Miami. Let’s air it out.

Felony Miami Episode 6 – The Bail Bond System


Host – Joe Stone


Aly Fernandez from Aly’s Bail Bonds

John Bap from Black Rabbit Bail Bonds

Emilio Faroy from Faroy’s Bail Bonds


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  2. I’m glad you pointed out that getting a bail bond means you can get out of jail while only paying 10 to 15 percent of the total amount. My son was recently arrested on drug distribution charges, and my husband and I have been researching our options to get him out. We don’t have a lot of extra cash, so I think a bail bond will be a good option for us.


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