Felon Voting Rights w/ Joe Klock, Grant Stern, AJ Hill, and Joe Stone

Host Joe Stone, Grant Stern, AJ Hill and Joe Klock (clockwise from top) – All Photos by Aaron Fishbein

Why is Florida an outlier in restoring felon’s rights?

Florida is one of only four states that permanently bans convicted felons from ever voting again in their life. The other three are Kentucky, Iowa, and Virginia.

Attorney Joe Klock has argued and won twice before the U.S. Supreme Court – Photo by Aaron Fishbein
Saxophonist AJ Hill plays with Spam All Stars and has toured with Sly and The Family Stone, he is a Miami native who started out in the Miami soul, funk, and r&b scenes as a player in the Apollo Five – Photo by Aaron Fishbein
Grant Stern is a Miami journalist, rabble rouser, and activist who has faced down Walmart in court and won. He is CEO of the Only In Miami media network. – Photo by Aaron Fishbein

The 1867 Federal Reconstruction Act mandated Florida along with 9 other southern states to write a new state constitution that would include voting rights for black men.

Florida intentionally limited theses new rights by adding language in article 14, section 2 of its constitution imposing a lifetime voting ban for people with felony convictions.

Today 1/3 of Americans denied the right to vote are African American

Between 1996 and 2008, twenty-eight states changed their laws on felon voting rights, mostly to restore rights or to simplify the process of restoration.

In 2007, Florida’s Republican Governor Charlie Crist pushed to make it easier for most convicted felons to regain their voting rights. In 2011, however, Republican Governor Rick Scott reversed the 2007 reforms.

A Felon rights initiative was able to gather 766,200 signatures to put this question to the voters of Florida.

Should felons be permanently banned after they serve their time? Does it violate their constitutional rights ?

Where there is injustice for one there is injustice for all .
Welcome to Felony Miami.

Let’s air it out.

Felony Miami Episode 004: Felon Voting Rights I

Host – Joe Stone

Guests – AJ Hill, Joe Klock, and Grant Stern


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